On April 1st of last year, I drew the very first picture of ‘Pregnant Scootaloo’ and posted it, many taking it to be some kind of ‘April Fools’ joke. 2 days later, on April 3rd, I started a tumblr officially labeled ‘Pregnant Scootaloo’. One year later, that storyline was finished and a new one took it’s place, much to the love and adulation of many fans.

Today is Scootaloo’s 1 year Tumblrversary, as well as the celebration for her 14th Birthday in-storyline. It’s been a hell of a ride everyone, from the ups and down, to the crossovers, to the stories. I couldn’t have made it anywhere near where I am today without every single one of you supporting me.

Here’s to even more crazy shenanigans in the future! I am far from done with this blog, not even close!